Carson and I, we rub along and bicker more than row,  but you can guarantee that as soon as we walk through the doors of B&Q his whole personality changes and they know we are in the store.  David Branner comes to mind. So when I suggested that the kitchen needed freshening up a […]... Read More


Sorry, haven’t been on here for a while, but have been on holiday and work has taken over since I got back.  But I’m here now. So, at the beginning of July, Carson and I took ourselves off to France for a couple of weeks – the first week we spent in Montpellier and then […]... Read More

The Kindness of Strangers

I met up with a very good friend for lunch today.  I hadn ‘t seen Ants for a while and as with all my close friends, we just picked up where we’d left off and there is never a void.  Anyway, we were catching up with everything and we were talking about my appearance, which I […]... Read More

Bring me Sunshine

Why can’t we just have a couple of days of continuous sunshine? My boots and parka were packed away at the beginning of May and are now back out again on standby and frankly I have never worn my boots in June before. I want a summer where you can wear summer dresses every day […]... Read More

Neither hair nor there

I was walking down Dovehouse Street the other week on my way to a radiotherapy appointment and coming towards me was a group of school lads.  They didn’t say anything when they walked past me, but as they got a bit further away, one shouted back “the Martian’s have landed”. Cheeky little f*^~<#.   I’m […]... Read More


One of the side effects to having chemo and radiotherapy, which they don’t tell you about, is your ability to crawl into bed dog tired and then ‘ping’ be wide awake at 4.00am most nights.  So annoying, especially when you just manage to get back off to sleep and the alarm clock goes off.  No […]... Read More

I Can’t Help Myself

The other Saturday I met up with Mum, Dawn (my crazy sister in law) and Tom my nephew (not crazy) and took a trip to Cosco, which for those of you who don’t know, is a big warehouse that caters for those who have businesses or rather big families or want to buy in bulk. […]... Read More

Is it a Bird, is it a plane?

No it’s Spider-Man (I know it should be Superman – don’t start). So, I’m walking my usual route home across the common and I spot Spiderman in the distance on the corner of Cedars Road.  First thought – was the chemo extra strong on Monday, but getting nearer, he was actually as real as can […]... Read More


Spring means Gardener’s World is back on.  I love it.  Now we don’t actually have a garden, so this baffles Carson, but he is convinced I like watching it because Nigel and Nellie (the dogs) are adorable.  However, I have to confess my secret passion is Monty Don.  He can come round and tend to […]... Read More